Participation is selective via competitive application and a factor will be geographic diversity.  4 spots for every age group will be held open for international entrants.  All applications are welcome and our staff will assess whether your team is eligible for acceptance. The earlier you apply the more opportunity there will be for acceptance as there will be a limit to 20 teams per age group. 

Apply Now!


  • Promo codes are currently still available for teams to use during the application and provide for FREE entry ($200 performance bond reimbursed at check in): 
    1. Under 9-10 code:   TIC600
    2. Under 11-12 code: TIC900
    3. Under 13-19 code:  TIC1200


We have secured a great selection of hotel options in the DFW/ Arlington area. These range from full service hotels to limited service hotel options. We have secured discounted hotel rates on these options. This is a stay to play tournament and all teams from beyond 50 miles from the DFW area are required to reserve your hotel needs through our reservations agency, Key Bookings. Once a team has been accepted, they will be able to set up their hotel needs for the team. For teams that prefer to book outside of our system, there is an option to pay a $500 surcharge to do this. 

The registration fee is $800, $1100, or $1400 depending on age group.

All applications are welcome. Teams with promo codes from our sponsors and media partners, can use these to waive the entry fee. Selected and accepted teams, can request promo codes to waive the entry fees while these last.

Apply early while the promo codes are still available 

The Texas International Cup is a “Stay to Play” event. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of hotels that offer the best packages for our participants. We also have an option to pay a $500 surcharge for teams wishing to book outside of our system. 

Once a team is accepted, they will receive communication of the process for completing registration and details of the tournament. All teams must be sanctioned teams through a US Soccer national association such as:  USYS (and state associations), US Club Soccer, USSSA, AYSO, SAY Soccer, for example.

Champion teams will receive trophies, medals, and a guaranteed spot to participate in the 2025 edition.

All teams are guaranteed to play four games.

These will be free events at TEXAS LIVE at the Arlington Entertainment District that includes large movie screen viewing of Copa America games in addition to activities, contests, promotional prizes, and food/ drink options.  These are free events for participating teams and there will not be tournament games scheduled during these times.

Wednesday 26th, 7:00 PM

Mexico vs. Venezuela

Saturday 29, 6:00 PM

Argentina vs. Peru


Hotel Information

We’re happy to announce that we have secured great hotel options and rates for traveling teams. 

All traveling teams are required to use the tournament housing system for their hotel needs as a requirement of participation in the tournament.

Please do not set up hotel arrangements on your own.  Key Bookings is the housing agency for the tournament and the online links and information are now available.

You may contact Key Bookings and Calvin Coates at: 1.877.205.2871 and [email protected].  

You may see the list of hotel with this link but you must set up your hotel team block with Calvin first. 

Reminder: All teams must meet minimum hotel room numbers of 8 rooms for 11v11 teams and 6 rooms for Under 9 to Under 12.

  There is the option of paying a $500 surcharge to make your own reservations if you prefer.  


Referees and A/R’s that are confident with any age group and can handle the extreme Texas heat during June 27-30 contact Mickey O’Brien with your experience including primary assignor contact information.

We can provide hotel rooms for OUT OF STATE traveling referees.  Contact assignor: [email protected]